Toyo Drift Show – Pan Delta Racing Festival 2010 Spring

My new racing suit arrived just in time, for my show at Pan Delta Racing Festival Spring 2010’. With the lingering issues with the customs, my Supra was still not ready for the show, so I used one of the team’s drift car for the drift show, the Nissan 350Z.

The 350Z I’ve driven before, so it wasn’t exactly totally new to hand, but as this was a tuned up spec, the driving dynamics are different. I liked the full locking 2 way differential, nice low torque. The inherent problem of poor tolerance at mid to high speed drift is still there. On the practice session, donuts, figure of 8 was fairly easy, but the manji maneuver was a little handful as you really need to do it at low speed 2nd gear to keep the car going.

On the day, I had 3 sessions of show to tease the spectators. It was pretty good reactions from the crowd, I try to pull into the wall and the side of the tarmac nearing the grass, to get the crowd a bit more frill. At the end of the show, I get off the car in front of the crowd to take a bow and say thank you, the reactions and cheering was superb. With 3,XXX plus audience screaming, it was a very good experience. This time it was a one man band show due to logistics issue, we’ll be back with 2-3 cars in the Pan Delta Racing Festival Summer 2010.

Congratulations to our team drivers, Ray Mak – Double Winner and James Tang – 2nd Runner Up, in the Circuit Hero Race Round 1 and 2. You can get the full articles and features in all good car magazine in and around the South East China region.

See you soon…

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