New direction in season 2010′

First i would like to thank my team TRC (Type R Club) for getting me into the international racing scene, in 2009 July, I made my first international outing at Formula D Singapore. (Refer to

Although i was rather unfortunate not to have made it to Formula D Thailand and Malaysia, but life is filled with all kinds of challenges.

In the karting field, I’ve managed to pick up a few trophies. A winner at Carsland/WM Cup Race, runner-up in Club de Roadster karting cup, and runner-up in GV Enurance race, and a 2nd runner up in WM Yamaha Cup.

At the back stage I have been operating as race engineer and driver data analysis for my team in Macau Grand Prix, HTCC N2000 and Super Production class, we’re gaining momentum in the improvements, as I entered at a relatively late stage of the racing season, the coming season for HTCC we’ll have more time to prepare and thoroughly test the cars to gain better results.

In 2010, with the help of a few famous brands, which I’ll disclose in an appropriate time. Here are some of my main focus in the racing field: –

– Formula D Asean League (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, there are talks on an extra stage in 2010 too)

– HKCKK Championship (香港雞車王) 2010, there will be 8 fixtures in the series

– Pan Delta Racing Festival Drift Shows, at Zhuhai International Circuit.

– Racing Engineer and Driver Data Analyst for Team TRC for HTCC N2000 and Super Production class races. Possible entry as racing driver (TBC)

– Race Control responsibilities at Pan Asia International Karting Race and HKKC races

Finally, I would like to give a special thank you for all my friends who had been interested in my racing development, I hope to bring more entertainment and more in-sight to the field of race for everyone who enjoys a piece of the action.

And I definitely cannot miss out the ongoing support from my family and relatives. Thank you.

Best of luck for everyone in the year 2010’…

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  1. Gwyn Phillips says:

    Happy new year to you. You have an interesting year ahead it seems. I would like to write an article for the school website and for Kestrel. Could you send me some photos of you in your racing gear -they need to be high resolution for Kestrel. I like the one in this article of your helmet but it would be good to have one of you holding your helmet. is this possible?

    Good luck for your racing season -please let me know how you get on.

    Kind regards,


    1. tommyhwchan says:

      Dear Gwyn,

      Happy new year to you too. Wishing you a properous and healthy year ahead for you and your family.

      With the photo of my gear, sure no problem. I’m having a racing suit custom made with my new sponsors (a few big brand names). It should arrive in Feburary, so I’ll have a full gear photo to send to you once that’s arrived. Should be by mid Feburary, I’ll update you on that.

      By the way I’ve planned a trip to UK, France and Germany, in Easter. I’m not sure how this sounds, but I can drop by on the morning, 3rd April to do a “Drifting Demo Run” especially to show the finesse of car control, if the school is interested. It’s really about road safety and controlling the car at its limit. I’ve done this kind of show many times in and around Hong Kong and China. All it needs is just a coned off area 1/2 size of the carpark by the “used to be old gym” and a rear wheel drive car. Let me know what you think.

      Best Regards,

      Tommy Chan

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