Training & Sweat… X-country Running in Hong Kong!!!

Back in my high school days I used to love sports, I was in the 1st XI Football team (or soccer), hockey team, cricket team, climbing, swimming, badminton, squash, water polo, etc. As you age, you kind of got a little lazier and forget about sport altogether, and I was alright when you were in a place like UK where pollution was not a major issue (comparing to Asian cities at least). Since coming back to Hong Kong I was falling ill very often, the air is so polluted that I’m sure it has long term affect to my health, but since it was my choice, I’ll just have to stick with it and work back my fitness.

Running X-country, being a country side boy back in the UK mean you don’t need an excuse to run whenever, where ever, just running shoes, shorts and t-shirt. No matter if it was sunshine or if it was rainning (I actually perform better in the rain). A lot of people thought i was mad, coz the road is very dangerous in HK, with limited pedestian path and crazy Porsche and GTR drivers. In essence people worry too much, if you’re aware of your surroundings then you’re relatively safe, it’s not like the drivers in other country are “better”, there are always lunatics on the road.

It really started when I came back from the big race/drift competition in Singapore, Formula D Singapore 2009′. Where I was really geared up to prepare for the next race in Malaysia at the end of 2009′ (Shame I’ll have to miss the race in the end). The thing about X-country is that you can actually relate this to any competitive sport. I pick my routes to have different sectors to get my body into an array of conditions, there’s the flat sector for peacing myself, the up-hill burst to push myself to the limit (especially the 1:5 up-hill by the 香港動植物公園 – Albany Road, in prespective it’s the same 1:5 rating as 天文臺道), and down-hill passes. With this variation of sectors, you can actually match your heart rate to any competitive sport.

Every week I try to schedule myself to do at least one X-country session, now 6 months has gone by, after 26 X-country sessions in 24 weeks of running about 130 km, here are some results from my trusty Polar heart bit watch.

VO man from 38 -> 54 (similar rating as an average professional basketball player)

Route 1 time initally 28 minutes 05 second, now improved to 22 minutes 56 seconds

Route 2 time initially 24 minutes 55 second, now improved to 22 minutes 39 seconds

While doing the running I also get to see some lovely views too…

Keep running…

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