Preparation for Formula D Malaysia 2009′

7 more days… Formula D Malaysia 2009, this time I’m at the back stage as racing engineer and drivers data analyst. More on the reason why I’m on the back stage later. Here is the essential topics of the competition.

Reconnaissance, getting to know what’s going on. After my experience with  Formula D Singapore 2009, and the info I gathered from Formula D Thailand 2009. We have drawn up some scenarios about the competitions, best and worst case scenarios.

–  Setting up a simulation track to get a feel of the kind of dimension that we’ll likely be racing in.  So distances, cornering lines, widths, angles…

– Posting the speed that we’ll likely be doing, with more calculations.

– Inner and outer clipping points estimations, leading to some alternative lines that is possible when we go into PK/Tandem battle.

Overloaded… too much calculation and sims… hahah but it’s all the part of fun and excitement, really looking forward, as this is one of the most exciting stage of the FD series, the new home of drifting of the Asean league, with big local names like;

Tengku Djan and Tan Tei Wai of Bridgestone

Ariff and Jean Cheah of Goodyear

Wan and Lim Zee King of Toyo

Also international names of Mad Mike of New Zealand and Ryuki Miki Ex-D1GP Champion

Just a quick intro of the 5 Hong Kong Representing Drivers: –

– James Tang in his Toyota ‘Monster’ Aristo

– Ray Mak in his Toyota Soarer

– Ng Hoi Tong in his Nissan Fairlady

– Harris in his Toyota Supra

– Ian in Toyota Chaser

Please wish the best of luck for the Hong Kong team… Effort first, result second… Support the Hong Kong Motorsports scene… lol

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